House of Stacked Boxes

Sometimes my brain is a house full of stacked boxes. Cluttered and overwhelming, you feel like something is missing but can't be sure. I spent much of the month of December feeling that way, and its not the first December either. I walk around feeling pulled in a million directions, running out of time and patience.

Sometimes that stress can manifest... I ended up with a trip to the ER in December, post Christmas. The Sunday before the holiday I started having a stabbing pain in the back of my head (possibly Icepick Headache or Occipital Neuralgia). At its worst, the stabbing pain was occurring every 15-30 seconds. It was still there on Wednesday, and while lessened in frequency, definitely warranted a call to my doc. He didn't like it and wanted me to head to the ER and be evaluated for a possible aneurysm. Head CT was clear, and I was sent home with instructions for 48hrs with anti-inflammatories. Thankfully it resolved!

Gwen goes back to school Tuesday, and I'm both not ready and relieved. It can be harder to get things done without those school hours, teaching involves some juggling, but all of that also enforces a much needed slow down. The end of the year gets to be too much sometimes, so I'm ready for that pause button. Days of playing and reading, sleeping in and little walks.

I'm feeling more settled and organized, and while there are definitely things to accomplish in those non-parenting hours, I'm ready for it. It doesn't feel overwhelming anymore.

I'm aiming to simplify in 2019. I'm often aiming for this, but I plan to parse life and things, whittle it down to the most important. Get to the core of what makes me - me - and what brings my family and I the most joy.

Here's to less of those boxes when next December rolls around.

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