Health and Wellness and What I Don't Want Next December

Last night I invited my students to really look at the voices in their head, and whether they’re speaking to themselves positively or negatively. As we move into the new year so many people make resolutions, which there’s nothing wrong with, but so often we come at them from a negative slant. So I encourage you to look at the parts of yourself that make you feel healthy, happy, confident, and competent, making resolutions based off of those things, because when we encourage the good things, the rest starts to fall into place. ✨ So instead of telling myself that I’m going to lose the weight that I put on in December, I’m going to encourage myself to keep building strength and health as I have been throughout 2018, heading to the gym and lifting weights in addition to my yoga practice. Instead of chastising myself and making a resolution to eat healthier, I’m going to remind myself that I’m a great cook, and encourage myself to continue to make delicious healthy meals for my family. Instead of focusing on any ground I might’ve lost in my back bending practice, I’m going to encourage myself to keep pushing to be the best damn yoga teacher I can be, creating classes for my students, that work us in all ways. Most of all, I’m going to resolve to love my life and myself as fully as possible. ✨ Be safe and have fun tonight, friends. Know that I love you just as you are. Happy New Years Eve. May 2018 finish with laughter and joy.
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I already shared with you all the amazing things that 2018 held, and some of the things that I'm looking forward to in 2019, but I didn't share any resolutions. That's because I don't necessarily have resolutions for 2019. But I do have things that I want to adjust. I know how I don't want 2019 to end.

Already told you about the headache I experienced around Christmas, but the final straw was when my old enemy showed up... the one I only see when I'm overly stressed and not caring for myself: a cold sore. Ugh. (Hashtag dirty little secret.) So here's what I want to emphasize and adjust, so that December is a lot easier and less stressful next year.

I want to... 
- get back to a weight that makes me feel healthy and comfortable. 
- lift heavier things. 
- regain the flexibility in my back. 
And most importantly: 
- maintain all these thing even when traveling, and during the holiday season next year.

Other then the physical things, I also want to figure out a way to meaningfully give back to my community. I was thinking about offering a certain number of free yoga lessons to under-served areas, but I need to hash out what that would look like. 

Also, job wise I want to have my own class at the new studio I’m subbing at, and I want to travel to teach somewhere - workshops or retreats.  (If you're interested in collaborating, or know a place that would like to host me, drop me a line!) 

More then resolutions, the past few years I've been emphasizing a word or phrase. Balance has been the word for multiple years running, but this year I'm going with three words:

Simplify. Balance. Grow.

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