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So it is supposed to hit the 90s again for the 3rd or 4th day in a row, gwah. Summer is suddenly here and I'm not sure if I like it. In the air conditioning at work I am either freezing or comfortable, depending of course on what I wear. AKA If I wear next to nothing, then I am okay outside, but cut-glass-nipples inside. And if I dress semi-appropriately (for work), then I am sweltering outside, but okay inside. At our house (at least in the bedroom) I am always melting away to nothign because of our no AC thing... although at least now we have a fan (yay travis). The downstairs actually stays pretty okay, and the basement is the perfect temp... but it has the one downside of being an UNFINISHED BASEMENT... doesn't exactly scream good time.

Anywho. This past weekend was Rochelle's Bachelorette Party, and fun was had by all. I got to the hotel around 5 o'clock, and checked us in. We stayed at the Hyatt at Penn's Landing (on the pier), and it is a gorgeous hotel. Love love loved the room. I "decorated" with much posters of half-naked men, and made goody bags with little nips of alcohol and penis straws a plenty. Good times were had by... well, me.
Everyone else joined me at the hotel between 6:30 and 6:50... and we headed to dinner at La Veranda on Pier 3. Awesome restaurant, great food, great service... very understanding people. ;-) I think after our first bottle of wine was gone, we started getting louder. Opps. After that it was back to the hotel to change for our night out... and decorate the bride. Everyone got their goody bags, and we played a game, and prizes were given. It was a good time.
Then we headed to the "main event"... the second show at The Cave. VERY good times were had by all. Ro got humped appropriately, and we all got to check out some hotties (Mmmm.... Louey...). I managed to be found by the only stripper in the joint that seemed to want to snuggle as opposed to hump, but I suppose that was for the better. Ro got to go onstage for a "hot seat"... basically a lap dance, but up on the stage for all to watch. They go all out... I'm talking penis-flapping-in-face action here. It was amusing to watch, to say the least. The show lasted until about 1:30, at which point we exited back into the Club Flo section of the joint, and danced for a little before heading out for the evening around 10 of 2.
Then we proceeded to WALK, in heels/boots/etc, the mile plus walk back to the hotel (we did have our reasons, but it still SUCKED!), where we promptly fell into chairs, beds, floors, etc. and didn't want to move. So that was our evening... and it was GREAT!!! The only part that sucked was when I woke up to take a poop at 3 f*in AM, then to pee at 4... damned wine.

The rest of the weekend sort of blurs... friday we picked up, and hung up, our blinds for our bedroom finally. Thank god, I was starting to get a little freaked by the thought of the neighbors "catching us". But we really only got to sleep with them closed one night anyway, because then the heat started and it is open windows for us. Sunday it was basically trying to stay off my very sore feet... This week has gone pretty fast so far, and i am excited because today it's like thursday, even though its only wednesday, because i have friday off, so tomorrow is like friday, which means today is like thursday. Got that?

Tomorrow after work we head up to Lehigh to pick up Phil, then up to Athens, PA for Rochelle and Pat's wedding. Friday is the rehearsal ceremony and rehearsal dinner. Also Trav getting his final tux fitting in the morning (he's a groomsmen), me probably getting nails done in the morning (I'm a bridesmaid)... and maybe a little boy vs. girl bowling at the end of the night. :-) Saturday is, of course, the wedding. VERY EXCITED! We have early hair appointments, then it is back to the hotel to get ready... and you know the rest. I'm very excited for this weekend.
Hmm... do I have anything else to report? Well, our house is slowly starting to look like a livable place. The living room is now more or less arranged, and our TV stand is together and appropriately set up. Things are getting moved to the proper rooms, and I'm actually starting to believe that we will be done with this setting up crap in the next month or so. Go us. Still have to do our closet... but now we actually know what we will be finishing it with. So that is a huge step... and it will only take us a day to measure the closet and buy the material, then sand down the walls some, rip off the weird molding they have IN the closet, and put up the new material. Then we can hang our bars, and we are done!! :-) That will probably happen next weekend, since this weekend is obviously out.
Okay, well now I really have to get to work... another blase post to check off my list. ;-) Maybe I should close by just saying boobs and poop a few times to spice things up. No? Okay, well, I'll leave that up to you then. But I will let you know that it is only 10:15, and it is 91 degrees out already!!!

Mother of God, it is going to be quite the day. Ciao!!!!!!!

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