longest 15mins of my life

Did you ever notice how the last 15minutes of the day take FOREVER to go by? Especially when you have somewhere you are going after work, and you just want to be there.
We are heading to see Willy and Barb after work for dinner before she flies home on Saturday (she couldn't get on standby for today). These 15 minutes are my hell. Tomorrow will be no better I suspect, as not only will it be the weekend... but it is also the weekend where I am getting my haircut, and that my Babwa is coming down! We are going to see Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and be sappy. Plus we are going to Mike's for dinner with him and Megan tomorrow night. That will not help either. Grr.
The rest of the day could have flown, but you always seem to look with somewhere between 10-30minutes left, and then they just drag.

God have pity on my eternal soul and rain me a wedding from Heaven. :-)

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