So Travis and I had a successful weekend... after the debaticle on thursday, with the shutting down of trains, and the refueling of airplanes, and the not going to dinner... friday ended up much more successful. First off, I'm almost glad that my boss is back, as friday was a little boring! But that's an admission that needs to be quickly glossed over.
So we picked up Rachel, her bf Chris, and a friend John. Sushi was good, and the guys were great. Movies after and it was a nice time.
Saturday we... shit, what did we do Saturday? OH YEA... we slept in to 11, then headed to Willy's to see Willy and Trav's mom, and help them make dinner for one of Willy's sisters. Then it was home to relax. I feel like we did something else too, but I honestly can't remember Saturday all that well. Weird.
Sunday we headed to a father's day picnic held by Trav's aunt/godmother... and ate too much food. Then Willy and Barb (Trav's mom) got to see our place for the first time. We then headed to see Ro and Pat who are just back from their honeymoon. Fun stuff.

That was most of the weekend, except we also had a break thru... if we don't eat from now until the wedding, and we both get second jobs, then God will feel sorry for us and he will send the perfect wedding down from Heaven. And all will be right in the world. So rejoice pilgrims, for all is now solved.

Well, at least part of that is true. We probably will both get a second job to bring in extra cash. Not until after his brother's wedding... but then most likely yes.

And of course that whole raining down weddings from Heaven thing.

Okay, I have to get back to work. Now that my boss is here I have things to do. Plus it distracts me from the gas... bah. My lower intestine feels like it is about to explode. FUN!

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