May = the new high.

So I am happy to report that you all brought me to a new time high in visits to my little corner of the internet in May... numbers that had not been reached since March, and I am happy to think that it is because you all come here to watch my slow decay into insanity. Yes, you showed up in droves to push me into the multiple hundreds. Thank you thank you... I will do my best not to disappoint.

Now for your continued amusement... a conversation between my coworker and I yesterday. If all days were like this week has been, I think I would actually enjoy my job.
Setting the scene: I have a drawer in my desk known as the "snack haven" because it is full of every kind of goody that you can imagine, so that when I get a craving I can satisfy it in a timely manner. Said coworker has since learned about it, and is happy to visit me (it) multiple times a week, sometime daily.

CoWorker: Open the drawer!

Me: (laughing) What do you want?

CoWorker: Something that will make me poop.

Me: Excuse me?

CoWorker: Yea, I need to poop.

Me: Umm...

CoWorker: (looking in drawer)

Me: How about fig newtons? I think figs might be good for poop.

CoWorker: Okay, two of those please.

Me: Um, I hope everything works out okay.

And you will all be happy to know that my CoWorker has since pooped and is doing well. I think she was relieved because I found a whole package of fig newtons waiting for me on my desk this morning.

P.S. Travis, I am wearing a thong. :-)

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