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So I was doing my daily "i don't want to work yet, so i will peruse my favorite blogs" run down my favorites list. My personal favorites are Mary and Casey's Blog (with their baby Brenna), Poop and Boogies, and Dooce. Heather, from Dooce, has lately grown to be my idol. She is just so herself... loud and obnoxious and sooo open. GREAT! But today's little "game" is brought to you by William of Poop and Boogies.
Since my boss is not here until Monday (sweet!), I am killing time and being slightly bored. So commence the online gaming...

This is a cool little writing exercise that has been going around the blog world. It is like Mad Libs memories. The theme is I am From. The format is somewhat simple (I am From______(insert ordinary item), from______(insert product name) And So forth).

Williams example: "I am from not showing our report cards because one of us got bad grades and we wanted to protect him from being grounded, from my sister beating up the bullies in the neighborhood."


I am from hippie parents with comfortable clothes, and broken in furniture, and from a wide open house.

I am from macaroni and yeasty cheese, and from orange soda, milk with ice, and moonlight mint tea.

I am from summers by my Babwa's pool, and the smell of cow manure on the field next door.

I am from mum-mum's "caniptions", and hot dogs with buns on the side, and cheeseballs.

I am from being tucked in to my bed every night until i didn't need it anymore, and from Cat Steven's songs sung by my papita as i fell asleep.

I am from papita reading the Hobbit and the Chronicle's of Narnia outloud to me while waiting for the school bus, and from taking the bus until i graduated because i refused to get my license until i was 19.

I am from a small town with big people, from the Labyrinth and Dirty Dancing and the Princess Bride.

I am from my blankie, and from the old swing-set in the back of the yard.

I am from two dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, and five fish; and from a MIA older sister.

I am from the same best friend for 18 years, and from hanging stockings at Christmas, and letting "Santa" decorate the tree.

I am from two weeks of teaching bible school every summer for 5 (or so) years, and being old enough to watch my brother grow up from the beginning.

I am from the chorus and the band, and from drama productions with dancing and singing.

I am from bi-polar disorder and the strongest women in the world, and from years of arguing with and hating my father.

I am from loving my papita more then words can say, and from having more happy then sad memories that i actually remember.


Okay, now it is your turn... play the game on your blog, and let me know that you did so i can check it out!!

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