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Thanks to all who replied to my last post... those who haven't yet, do!

I can't believe it is 3:30 already, this day is flying! And freezing! Today is flying and freezing. High of 19*, got to love that.

I had a great weekend. Didn't get around to doing pretty much anything that I had thought I might do... but it was still great, especially since Trav was very productive without me and cleaned the back bedroom! What a great guy.

We went to Ro & Pat's house Saturday night for a game night with them and our other friends Kerry & Jeremy. It was definitely amusing. Scattagories when you've been drinking is highly entertaining. We spent the night and hit up Ruby's Diner the next day... where I had thee best burger. Topped with two slices of cheddar cheese, bacon, and two onion rings. So good. I also called my brother in the morning to wish him a Happy Birthday... I can't believe that he is 17!!

Then of course Sunday afternoon meant the Superbowl. I was pleasantly surprise... though I was kind of routing for the Bears, I really didn't care that much who won... so I wasn't expecting to be really into the game. But it was definitely an entertaining game! A touchdown to start the game off... 5 fumbles, practically in a row... interceptions, including two in a row at the very end... it definitely kept me watching. Which did create one problem... when to pee. Honestly, the game was good, but you can't miss the commercials!

My favorites were:
  • The Bud commercial with the couple driving who see a man holding some Bud and an ax... and the guy wants to stop. "It's a Bottle-opener!"
  • The Coke commercial with the coke bottles throughout the years with corresponding advances in the civil rights movement.
  • The Bud commercial with "Rock, Paper, Scissors"
  • The Blockbuster commercial with the mouse.

I also got a few great emails yesterday. Let's see... my Valentine's Day present for Trav is done and on its way to me. I'll probably post a picture of it here, but obviously not until after V-day! Also, a friend I thought didn't love me anymore says that we are still friends! Woo-hoo! Plus I got a responce from the lady at Thousand Dollar Dress.

And today I got one that letting me know that some friends of ours had found a house, and as long as the inspection goes well, will be closing at the end of March. I'm very excited not only because this is great news for them, but also because they are the ones keeping their stuff in our basement. Once they take their stuff back, we are going to get a new couch!! :-) Lol. I honestly don't care how long they keep it there, but now that I know a date, I can start to get excited about a couch.

As for today... well poor Trav is feeling sick after a rough night of tossing and turning. I'm hitting up the gym after work and I wonder if he will still be awake when I get home or not!! My poor boy.

Well, seeing as time is flying... I should get back to work!

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