snowy days...

Yesterday I had a snow day for the first time in years (good thing too considering how crappy it still is in the city today). It was fun. I woke up at my normal time, but got a phone call soon after letting me know that I shouldn't come in. Woot!! I couldn't fall back asleep, because that's just how I am... but I lounged in bed for a bit, then headed downstairs for some breakfast. It was great... relaxing, doing some emails, looking at some stuff for Ireland, watchign some TV, eating some more, some dishes, vacumming a little (mostly due to a flour explosion in the kitchen... ugh... but it still counts!). Good day. I meant to pop in here and post all about the pleasure of being lazy, but I was too lazy... and the forgot. Lol.

Trav's present finally came around dinnertime, but that was just fine... it got here! No picture yet, but I can tell you what it is! I got him a painting... custom done just for him. Pretty fun.

I cooked us dinner too, since I was home. We had gone out on Tuesday night... to miss the crowd and avoid the ice-sleet mix we knew was coming. So last night was a relaxing night at home. We ate, exchanged gifts, watched a movie and were in bed by 9:45. Not what you would typically call exciting... but we had a great night. Perfect for us.

We also emailed our photographer with what should be the final revisions for our wedding album... so hopefully we'll have a final draft all ready to be printed very soon. When we do, I'll post the pages here.

Today it is back to work... and busy busy times. Plenty to get done, much that I thought I was going to do yesterday. Wish me luck.

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  1. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished on your "lazy" day! I love days like that. :)


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