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Now listen to me!
I actually have a few things to talk about! Sorry for the delay. Between normal busy days (yes, you guessed it... the gym!), and blogger being crappy and fitfull, well it has been hard to even want to show up! But I'm here now! And it's February!

(So please play along and delurk to post some replies! Please!)

In the news:
Harry Potter fans, of which I am certainly one, have a lot to look forward to this July. First the movie comes out on the 13th... and now it has been announced that the final book will be out on the 21st too! Click here to read more. I am really damn excited for both of those arrivals, although the last book will be a little bittersweet, since I don't really want it to be the last one! I hope it is very long.
Also, JK Rowling has said that two main characters will be biting the big one in this book. Predictions? I'm saying Voldemort and Harry Potter himself. It seems like they might both have to die for either to die... and then she could be sure that it was the last book! But you never do know.

There was also (in more serious news) the dumb, dumb, dumb remarks about Obama, by Biden. I honestly don't know what the man was thinking... it was just a stupid thing to say. There has been lots of backlash, which I think is to be expected. Honestly, if you say one of the great things about the guy is that he is "clean"... you can't expect him to be like, "hey, thanks, that's a really great compliment... it will encourage me to continue to shower daily." I read one particular Op-Ed which I thought was very dead on.
All I can picture when I read what he said, was that his speechwriter was somewhere off to the side frantically signalling that this was not his work. What a way to start a campaign! Thoughts?

Also, anyone have any thoughts on who they would like to see in the Presidential race? I know we aren't even past the primaries yet, and people are just announcing their running now, but I'm curious what people think.

In non-new related items:
I am compiling a list of "classic" books/stories that I want to read. I read A LOT... so it is hard for me to keep track of what I have and have yet to read. So, I started compiling a list. I'm sure the list will grow over time, but I want to open this up now and ask you to offer me your suggestions! I'm not asking for just good books... I'm looking for classics! Book/stories that everyone should read, that have already persisted, and will continue to be must reads.
Examples: Romeo and Juliet, 1984, The Scarlet Letter, The Island of Dr. Moreau, etc!

Anything for me?

I'm also working on my things to do before I die list (because why not! I love to check things off!)... although I am not asking for suggestions on that one.

Hmm... I don't have much more to write about at the moment... it's almost lunch time so all I can think about is food! :-) But before I go, a quick birthday roundup!

Happy Birthday to: my Pops (the 28th of Jan.), Chuck (the 29th), Willy (the 30th), Mike (today), Tucchi (tomorrow), my bro & my grandmother (the 4th), and Phil (the 6th).

I hope the day is great for all of you!! xoxo


  1. Middlemarch. There's a satisfying classic for you.

    Let's see. Primaries? I haven't warmed to Hillary yet. I am thinking John Edwards might have potential. Obama I like, too. I don't know what Biden said about Obama. I'll have to check that out.

  2. That is a large concentration of birthdays there!!

  3. I think Edwards - Obama would be a great pairing. Of course, I'm partial to Edwards b/c I'm from NC, but he really impressed me a lot more than Kerry did in the '04 election. Obama is just awesome. I don't want to see Hillary because I want to win. And, she just doesn't impress me.

    Classic books: Mrs Dalloway, Catcher in the Rye, In Cold Blood, any Ayn Rand or Reynolds Price.

    I'm going to start the Obama book. Had it on my shelf for about 2 years now. It's time to read it! :)

  4. As far as books I would recommend, "Killer Angels" It is a pulitzer winning book (historical fiction) about the battle of Gettysburg.

    And my two personal favorite books are "Good Omens" by Neil Gainman and Terry pratchet and "Enders Game" by Orson Scott Card. If you like Harry Potter you will like enders game.


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