weekend review... with pictures!

First, the pictures:

Bride and Groom... making it official with a kiss.

Trav and I... all dressed up (ignore the funny spot... what is that?!).

A close up.

And Travis being a goof.

What do you think... would one of those make a good Christmas card picture?

Travis with the bride's mom (Sheila) and the bride (AB).

The pretty cake.

This weekend really was great. I won't bore you with a detailed recap... but I'll give you the highlights. We had an easy drive out on thursday night... and headed down to the bar for a bit to meet up with Trav's brother and sister-in-law. Saturday we at breakfast/brunch at the lodge, stopped by the K's condo to wish the bride luck, then headed back to our condo to get ready. The wedding was beautiful, although it sucked that the officiant forgot to tell us to sit down, so we all just stood for 20 minutes for the ceremony. Reception was fun... dancing, pretty good food, open bar. Afterwards headed back to the house because i was exhausted and my feet were killing me. Saturday we headed to the K's condo for a big brunch with bride & groom and family. Great food... ate way way way too much. Relaxed for the rest of the day because it was too cold to ski (-6 with windchill, fun). Hit up the lodge for dinner. Sunday we relaxed in the morning, packed, headed to the K's to say goodbye, then headed out around lunch. With a stop for food, we were home around dinner.

I've been a bit tired... but it was worth it. A great weekend overall.

And tomorrow is Valentine's day. Trav just emailed me asking if I wanted to go out tonight instead of tomorrow... which is just fine with me! It will be just as fun and romantic, but with many less people.

Oh! And I got some great news... some friends got engaged over the weekend!!

Congratulations to Barb and George.

They are such a cute couple, and I'm so happy for them. I know they will have a long happy life together.

In not so nice news... I heard that another couple friend of ours, who were engaged, split up. :-(

Okay, well time for me to get back to work. Happy four months to Trav and I! Lol.

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