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Today has been one of those days, those days that pop-up when you need them most, like little gifts. First off, the morning was relaxing, the puppy was sweet, and the ride in quick. Our internet and network were both down when we arrived... so after the word came in from our IT guy that it would be about four hours before it was fixed, Tally and I headed to her apartment where we changed into PJ pants, watched French Kiss (so cute), and ate baked ziti for lunch. All with my boss's blessing! We returned about 30 minutes before everything was back up and running... just in time to be sent back out on a office errand, which was fine with me since the breeze was so nice. Now its already 3 o'clock and I have enough work to last me through the day, then its Friday people!

Today was lovely.

Now I just have to find something to snack on since the meatball sub an intern just ate across from me made my tummy rumble and my mouth water. Off I go!

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