where is the time going?

Lately I've just been amazed at how quickly time is flying by. Daisy is almost 9 months old and we've had her for almost 6 months. It's only 5 months until Christmas, less then 2 months until my unfullfilled due date, and just under 3 weeks until my birthday. Where is the time going?

I have so much stuff I'm looking forward to in the coming months (a wedding, Celtic Classic, holidays, etc)... and I just know its going to be here and gone before I can even believe it.

This weekend went quickly, but that's not surprising. They always do. Trav, Daisy, and I went up to my parents on Saturday since I had a hair appointment and we figured it would be a good excuse for us all to visit. Daisy once again had the best time running around with Lady, and was even better then the last time we were there. She's just such a great dog, and is really well mannered. She's doing great with down and come... so maybe its time for me to pick some new commands to teach her.

Sunday Trav was amazing and let me sleep in... while getting tons done himself. He weeded our horrendously overgrown front flowerbed, and trimmed all the stuff along the back of our yard. Once I was up, he then mowed the lawn. I met and walked with Ro, which was really nice, but otherwise we relaxed since it was so muggy and gross out.

This week is looking to be a hot muggy one, and while I knew it had to happen eventually (its almost August for pete's sake!), I'm still not looking forward to it. Guess I'll just have to think cool thoughts and rest in the fact that autumn is only about two months away!

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