The past few days have been tiring... to say the least. Putting work aside (which has also been stressful), we're attempting to get Daisy ready for our trip by having her sleep in her travel crate in our room. That way she's used to the noises we make at night, and used to sleeping in a different place then her normal crate.

Well, this all seems simple enough, but was complicated by the fact that we started this process over the past weekend with her spending the night in her travel crate downstairs, next to her regular crate. Except (we're guessing on this a little, but it seems the most logical conclusion) she rearranged herself at some point during the night, flopping over in her normal fashion, and knocking her travel crate on its side... which caused her to bolt in surprise, and launch herself right through the mesh panel on the front of the crate.

Trav was able to do a quick fix, but now we're all paranoid she's going to get curious about the patching and pull it open. So all night we're both in this state of half-sleep, ready to tell her "no" if we hear her playing/licking/chewing it. Which means that I'm exhausted and more ready for vacation then ever.

Packing is mostly ready, all laid out, just has to actually be put into the suitcase. Tonight we're dropping Trav's car off at Willy's. Tomorrow Trav will drive my car to work for a half day, pick Daisy up at home and head to Willy's, where I'll meet all three of them after work. We'll leave straight from there.

Today, a much more fun pre-vacation errand... I'm getting my toenail polish changed.

It will all be worth it when we're relaxing at the Cape, but getting there is always the interesting part!

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