Had some spotting this morning. Not a lot, it was just when I wiped, but it was there... very real. My first appointment is today anyway, so the midwife told me to hang tight and they'll see me then. Intellectually I know that brownish spotting is much less to worry about then red (and mine was brownish). I know that there are plenty of reasons that women spot in the first trimester, and that most of them go on to have healthy babies. I know that I'm not having any of the other warning signs (back pains, cramps, etc) and that I didn't even bleed during my first pregnancy, so its not like I'm having flashbacks to that.
I know all these things...

But I am still scared.

I'm also pissed. After what we went through the first time, why can't I just have a relaxing pregnancy?!

Please Lord, please protect this baby.

6 w, 2 d

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