leaving on a jet plane

... don't know when I'll be back again...
Well, that's not true, we're leaving in a car. And we'll be back next Sunday, the 19th. But we are leaving!! And in 12 hours we will be sleeping soundly in our bed at the Cape. I'm so excited.

Yesterday was rough, my lack of sleep caught up to me, as did something else I'm sure (there are a few things going around my office at the moment) and I ended up leaving work early just feeling horrible. I ended up puking twice, and just feeling deathly all evening, but we did the car stuff and got all the packing done, and I headed to bed at 9. I slept great and feel so so much better this morning.

So this is the last you'll hear from me, probably until the 20th! I might get a chance to pop on the internet once or twice, but that will just be to check my email. Until then, au revoire, and picture me lounging on a hamock by a lake!

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