6 hour with a clogged duct = 6 hours too much

[Prepare yourself for TMI about my boobs... or skip to the bottom for baby pics.]

Yesterday I noticed that my right boob was sore. The right boob, which was already known as "the bad boob." (Great.) I, er, felt around and found a dime sized hard spot to the side of my nipple. It was sore, to say the least. After some googling, it was apparent that I had a clogged duct.

Clogged ducts are not to be ignored because they can turn into mastitis, which is much worse. The only real treatments for clogged ducts are to nurse, nurse, nurse... rest... and massage the area to break up the clog. Hot compresses can help too.

I'm lucky though... my clog must have been in a great spot, so close to the nerp, because lots of painful massaging, a few super painful nursing sessions, plus a few extraordinarily painful sucks, I have my clear boob back. It still feels bruised, but if this is my only brush with clogged ducts (::knock on wood::), then I'll take it!

Anyway, since we're already oversharing, I might as well keep going. Its one month out and I have some updated stats. First off, I am going to start with the disclaimer that I know it took 9 months for my body to change up... so its not going to go "back to normal" in a month with no work. I know that. And I really am okay with how my body is doing. That said, I thought I would be honest about the good and bad.

So, a month out and I'm down to 121... 3 lbs above pre-preg. But the weight is distributed VERY differently.

First off, these are new:

Yes, my friends... that's me sporting my new 32C bra... and my cup runnith over. :-)

Unfortunately, these are new too:

Those would be the stretch marks that appeared on my thighs AFTER I had Gwen. Tell me how that makes sense?!

Not new, and actually getting rather old...
having a belly:

Granted, I haven't done anything besides a few short walks... but I hate how my always rather flat belly feels soft and squishy.

So, to reiterate.

Now for something much nicer.
We had busy days yesterday and today. I had a check up yesterday morning, and we made a stop on the way home, so we were out most of the day. We did take some pictures though, when we got home.

Hanging out on our playmat:

Daisy, the constant guard:

An updated bath picture, now that we actually enjoy bathtime:

And from today, our second St. Patty's Day outfit.

We wore this to meet Trav for lunch. After that we headed to Toys'R'Us, then Victoria's Secret. Turned out to be one stop too many, and we cried through checkout and had to nurse in the car... but otherwise a successful trip.

Tomorrow, maybe AT&T to check out phones.

For now, off to make some dinner.


  1. You might want to stay clear of underwire for awhile because that can cause clogged ducts. I never had a problem with Brenna, but with Allison I had clogged ducts several times and mastitis (once). Did you turn Gwen to nurse her so her chin faced the clog? That is a good way to open it up, and also nursing on her hands and feet crouched over her...sounds crazy, but it worked.

  2. That sounds so painful!! But I'm glad you got through it. I know how it is to have soreness there (but i don't have a kid - so my reasons are other). You will get your old body back with some work. Definitely check out some stretch mark cream - there's a lot out there, I would start with the palmers stuff first and see how that goes. It's supposed to be really good for that. If that doesn't work they have some more hardcore things out there. I know Avon has one (it's a little pricey) but it works nice. You just need to stick to it. I definitely like her outfit that is the cutest!!!!


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