in-law extravaganza

So this has been a very big and busy couple of days for Gwen.
Wednesday night Nana (Trav's mom) flew into town. It was the first time she was meeting Gwen, since she booked her flight before Gwenie was born. We picked her up from the airport and took her straight over to Willy's. It was Willy's first time meeting Gwen too, since we just hadn't been able to coordinate our schedules.

We were there until about 10... which seriously killed Gwen's night schedule.
Trav had off Thursday and Friday, and he gave me the sweetest gift... he took baby duty on Thursday afternoon so his mom and I could go out and get pedicures. :-) It was so nice! We stopped at Target on the way home too, and I got some new sandals. Apparently Gwen was a little fussy, but nothing that a little reggae music couldn't cure!

Another nice thing... I fit into pre-pregnancy pants for the first time on Thursday! And I wore my jeans for the first time in 9 months on Friday! Woo-hoo! Anyway...

His dad flew in that night and Trav went to pick him up while Gwen, Daisy, and I hung out at Willy's.

It was another late night, and another not great sleep for us all.

Friday we headed out to lunch with Trav's parents, Willy, and his aunt Pat... another new person for Gwen. That night Sheila, a family friend of the Hannan's, came into town to visit. We made a point to leave earlier that night though, and we all got better sleep for it.

Saturday we had Trav's parents, Willy, and Sheila over to our place for brunch. I put together an egg bake (fritatta), bacon, fruit salad, and angel food cake. It was great.
Gwen got loved on a bunch... and she was especially in love with Sheila!

That night we headed over to Willy's... and dropped Gwen with the grandparents for our first dinner out alone since our babe arrived! It was great, we got sushi and both got to eat at the same time, both getting to use two hands! ;-) After that we headed back to Willy's to pick up little girl (she apparently did great!), had some dessert with everyone, and headed home.

A really nice thing for me... Gwen apparently did great while we were out, but did start crying just before we got back. I was able to comfort her just by picking her up. It's a great feeling.

Sunday we headed back to Willy's again. Trav's mom, Sheila, and I headed out to do a little shopping, while the guys relaxed with Gwen. I found a cute little dress for Gwen, a dress and top for myself, a new pair of sneakers, and a frame for one of the pictures I ordered from Gwen's photoshoot.

We headed home to relax for a bit, since Trav is back at work today. We were able to do her bedtime routine, which was good... and lead to her sleeping a good 3 hours in her crib before we brought her to bed with us.

Mornings with Gwen are fun... she gets so smily and talkative when I lay her on her changing table.

We make faces at each other and "talk" to each other. It is a great way too start the day!

As for today... well, i've actually been pretty productive! I've washed the dishes, pumped, blogged, read to my girl, sang to my girl, downloaded pictures, got dressed, did tummy time, put away clothes... and in another hour or so we're heading to Willy's, where we'll meet Trav when he's done with work, for some Chinese food. His parents are leaving tomorrow, so this will be our goodbyes. It was a great visit, and I'll be sad to see them go... but we'll be seeing them in July at Cape Cod (Gwenivere will be 5 months! wow!).

On that note, I'm going to go get some more done. Write a note or two and answer some emails until my girl wakes from her nap, then getting ready to head out. Hope everyone's weekends were great.


  1. Such cute pictures and a busy week!

  2. Thats great about your weekend! I'm glad things went really well for you and you had some 'me' and 'us' time!!!! I'm sure you greatly appreciated that! How was the sushi!?!? Was this the first since having her that you've had it? What kind did you get? Sounds like she had a great weekend as well - and I can't wait to meet the little one :)

    BTW - CONGRATS on the fitting into the pants thing!!!! (email me your secret lol)

    Anyway - hope to hear from you soon love! Have an excellent day!!


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