melt my heart

That face... love!

I can't believe my little girl is 6-weeks old and smiling at me!

Thank goodness too because it makes evenings like last night (trying to get her cranky butt to sleep from 7:30-10, to no avail) easier to bear. Thankfully she repaid us with an amazing night, sleeping until 2am, then 6am, 8am, and then we got up at 9. That would be 4 hours between feedings, not once, but twice!! :-) Yay!

My 6-week appt is tomorrow, so hopefully I get a clean bill of health...


  1. oh my gosh!! She's soooo cute!! Totally looks like you (it's probably that HUGE smile!)

    Hope your appt goes well tomorrow!!!<3 u

  2. she is so cute. love her eyes!


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