Gwen's first days (in pictures)

To get everyone caught up...

Week One, 2/16 - 2/21, Daddy is home with us:

We don't like being changed.

Candy bouquet from coworkers!
Gift to Trav:

Gwen's first visitors are Ro & GG... but I have to get a picture from Ro's camera of that!

We head to the pediatrician for the first time on Friday. Gwen is down to 6lb., 6oz. ... which is normal. She looks good though!

Over the weekend, Nonnie and Grandpa come to visit!
Trav heads back to work, but Nonnie stays with us.

Week Two, 2/23 - 2/28:

Apurva comes for dinner.

First real bath... not a huge fan (the second went better...)!

Being worn for the first time.
We head back to the pediatrician again on Friday, a week after the first visit, for a weight check... Gwen is back up to 6 lb., 14oz. which the doctor is pleased with. She'll see us back in a month.

Ethan comes up... I love having my whole family here!!
Week Three, 3/1 - 3/8, I'm on my own for the first time!!

Things are going well so far. Every day is different, and we're just taking it an hour at a time. Its always hit or miss whether I'll actually have time to email or post, it depends on how she's napping and if she'll let me put her down. But I promise, more pictures to come, and more words too... when I have some time.


  1. She really is gorgeous. And I'm not just sayin' that. She is a beautiful little girl!

    It's great you have your family around you to be involved and celebrate.

  2. I can't even say how happy I am for you guys. Everyone looks SUPER happy (especially you in those pictures!) I can't wait to meet the little girl and her outfits are simply too cute! Email me when you can when you guys are available!

    Love you hun!!

  3. OH! I forgot to add the candy bouque is awesome as well as that beer!!! That is the greatest thing ever hahaha

  4. She is gorgeous :)

    Congratulations to you and Trav!

  5. precious. hope all is going well!


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