almost 3 weeks in and semi-crunchy thoughts

I actually have a free moment with no baby in my arms, which makes it much easier to type(!), so I thought I would drop in and post some actual thoughts. So I'm almost 3 weeks into this being a mom thing, and it is both amazing and so difficult all at the same time.

I'm so enjoying my snuggly newborn... the one that wants to be held close all the time, and who is comforted when I feed her (more on breastfeeding below). But it can also be frustrating on those days when I can't put her down for long enough to get dressed, or it becomes a choice whether I want to brush my teeth or put on clothes (as you might have guessed, I've been wearing my PJs a lot!), because she only wants to sleep when she's laying on me. I know it can be frustrating for Trav when I escape for a quick shower, and though we try to time it right, he can do nothing to comfort her because she just wants the boob. But it can also be so blissful, and there is nothing like breathing in that newborn scent as she naps on your chest... especially just after a bath.

I find myself a little resentful of Trav sometimes, since he can off and run to the store or take a shower whenever he wants. Even when he's here, I have to "time" it so that she isn't waking up hungry as soon as I leave. Its not his fault, but its still frustrating. Still, its easy to forget that when I see him talk to her, cradle her, and love her. I'm more then a little excited that our pediatrician wants us to introduce a bottle after four weeks, just one a day, so she can get used to it. I know Trav will be thrilled that he can finally offer her that comfort too... and I will be thrilled to have that little bit more freedom.

As you might have guessed, breastfeeding is also both lovely and exhausting too. It is an amazing thing to be able to feed my daughter from my own body, as women have been doing for thousands of years. I love the feeling of closeness, and how sweet it is when she reaches up and contently rests her hand on my chest. But for something so natural, it can be damn difficult!! At first she only wanted one boob... and we still have problems with latching on the other one when she's overly tired or hungry. And that leads to engorgement, which HURTS! Then there is the stuff I mentioned above, where I'm almost constantly attached to her. And the fact that I'm the only one that can feed her right now.

BUT! we're sticking it out. Making small goals and while there are rough days, on the whole, we're getting better and better at this. I have high hopes that we'll be able to keep this up for at least six months... and I'm hoping to make it to a year.

On one last crunchy note, before I wrap this up, I'm going to make a statement I never thought I would say... We're co-sleeping. Before she was here, I was beyond NOT interested in co-sleeping. I figured I would be too paranoid to get good sleep... and thought our bed was too small... and etc etc etc. But little girl had other plans, and when I was up every 15 - 20 minutes on that first night, for an hour before Trav said, "just bring her to bed with us." ... well, honestly at that point I wasn't going to fight it. She wanted to be close to us. So we are now the proud owners of a snuggle nest, and I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth... especially on those nights that she goes for 3 - 4 hours between feedings!

I figured we'll move the whole snuggle nest into the cradle in our room after a while, then move the snuggle nest into her crib in the nursery, then switch her just to the crib. But there is plenty of time for that, and its actually rather nice right now having her right there between us.

Well look at me... co-sleeping, breastfeeding, baby wearing... looks like my hippie is showing. ;-)

Anyway, I have to get going... but if you made it this far, I'll reward you with some more pictures...

from last weekend:

from this week:
daddy is trying to convert me already:

Our girl... what a cutie. :-)

More later.


  1. Wow, I really think she looks like you!! I never think newborns look like anyone but I see a lot of you in her. Too cute. :-)

  2. It's great to 'hear' from you! I'm glad things are going well, tough but well. I'm surprised at the whole sleeping thing, but if it works and works well why not!

    I absolutely LOVE the picture of her in the Steelers stocking!!!!!!! hahahaa :D

    Hope to hear back from you soon hun. Love you muchly!

  3. I just thought I would tell you that breastfeeding does get much easier! I didn't think it would and then one day it was just easier! She is so cute!


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