Happy Spring!!

I meant to write yesterday... to tell you all about our weekend and the fun we had. To tell you about some success with had with sleep. But yesterday was a Bad.Day, so I did not manage to get on here.

I've finally gotten to the point where I feel like I have a handle on things. Like I can manage the certain tasks that I want to accomplish everyday (pumping in the a.m., getting myself a few meals, taking care of the dog, etc.), and get us out of the house some too. Like Friday... we went to the AT&T store... a very successful trip with no meltdowns (no phone either, but that's because I'm waiting for my upgrade in May). But sometimes it just doesn't work... and yesterday was one of those days. Gwen wanted to nurse so much more then normal, and wouldn't sleep anywhere but on me... I had to put her down and listen to her cry, just to get myself some food, which didn't even happen for the first time until 12:30. And at which point, I cried.

Plus I felt horrible... exhausted, feverish, headachy, sore all over. I thought I was just overtired, overwhelmed, until I saw/felt the hot, red patch on my right boob. Mastitis. :-(

My fever seemed to peak at 100.1, which is good, and today its lower and I'm feeling so much better. I'm sure the 5 straight hours of sleep little girl gave me last night helped!! That's right Gwen slept from 11 - 4 am last night. She was up until about 5ish eating and getting her diaper changed, then back down until almost 7, then I pulled her next to me so that we could sleep and I could feed her easily... which we did until 8:30.

Yesterday I talked to the midwife and she told me that a lot of women are able to get rid of the infection on their own... simply by resting a lot and nursing a lot. But she wants me to keep checking my temp, and if it goes past 100.4, then I can pick up an antibiotic that she already called in for me. So, I'm just "monitoring" right now. But, like I said, feeling so much better.

So today is already a much better day!
I woke up before Gwen, to a sunny sky, feeling refreshed. I was able to watch my little girl sleep for a bit, then slip out of bed to get dress and get my teeth brushed. After that we headed to her one month check up. She looks great, very healthy and gaining well. The doc told me to keep doing whatever we're doing, because its working! Definitely a great thing to hear after the day I had yesterday.

As for her stats... we have a long, thin girl on our hands! 8lbs 4oz, which is 25%, and 21.5in long, which is 75%! So she got her mom's build with her dad's height... perfect!

Well, I have to get going and grab some lunch (my second meal of the day, today!)... but here are some pictures from our great weekend.

Saturday the weather was beautiful and we headed to Mary & Casey's for Allison's 2nd birthday. (in order: with mary, with mary's sister Jen and her wife Kim, with Casey)

Mary & Casey's is out past Lancaster... so about a 2 hour drive. On our way home we stopped for Sonic, since there was one on the way. So it was a very long day for our little one... for us too! My two loves napped when we got home:

Sunday, Trav headed to Lehigh for an alumni meeting... so Gwen and I headed to the backyard with Daisy to enjoy the sun (don't worry, 55 sunblock on her!):


  1. next time I pose for a picture with Gwen, I am NOT holding her like that. what was I thinking? She is a cutie, though!

  2. i hope you feel better hun!!


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