big happenings

This week is full of Big. Things.
Today for example, my baby headed to daycare. I'll admit it... I teared up when I watch Trav's car pull away with her in the back. I just cannot believe that my little girl is 12 weeks old tomorrow, and that we aren't going to be together all day, everyday anymore. Its weird.

I'm already counting down until I go pick her up at lunchtime!! 
I think my biggest fear is that she gets scared and cries for her mama, and I'm not there. The idea/thought of that just breaks my heart (and I'm tearing up again!). I hope that when I get there today, I hear only good news about her first day. That will make me feel a lot better for Wednesday and my return to work.

But lets talk about something else.. like this weekend:

The drive up to my parents went fine... and Gwen was happy to see her Nonnie, Papa, and Uncle Ethan... who cut his hair!!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head to my Gram's, before all heading to the graveyard for the short service committing his ashes to the ground.

It was lovely. Short, sweet, touching. I think my Pop would have appreciated it. There will be a memorial in a month, when my Gram is a bit more up for it.

After that we headed back to my Gram's apartment, and the the complexes community center. We had a simple, but good lunch there... and all took the opportunity to catch up.

Despite the sad circumstances, it was really nice to see everyone.
And Gram loved meeting her Great Granddaughter!

Above, four generations of ladies. Three generations of moms!
Below, following the bloodline, my Gram, her son (my dad), me, and my daughter.

After that we headed back to my parent's place, then Gwen and I took off for home.

Sunday was my first mother's day!

Trav had already given me a photobook of pictures of all of us, for me to take to work. And when I came downstairs there was a card and flower waiting for me as well. We headed to breakfast at i.hop, and otherwise just had a lazy, relaxing day at home.

Now I'm just working to get stuff done to get ready for work. Cleaning up some, finding work clothes that fit, and getting in lots of snuggles with the pup. She's in for a rough surprise come Wednesday too!! She's gotten quite used to having me around during the day.

Well, off I go now... plenty to do in not a lot of hours... (plus our handyman just arrived to do our sink!)
Wish me luck.

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