Just a quick update on yesterday, before I run around to get a million things done in my last few baby-free hours before I start work tomorrow. So I definitely enjoyed the hours yesterday, and I got a lot done during them. Grocery shopping, putting away clothes, pumping, blogging (lol), etc. Keeping busy kept my mind off of things, so I didn't stress about Gwen too much. But when it was time to head out to get her, well frankly, I have never driven somewhere so determinedly... so desperately. I had a pit in my stomach and just wanted to be. there. already. to get my baby.

Well I was greeted with a great result, Gwen did awesome! She drank her bottles for them, slept in her crib, and was a pleasant, smiley girl!! I was so happy and relieved to hear that... it make the idea of going back to work just a bit easier. Hopefully, she does just as well today.

As for the pumping, I got what I needed for her today (minus about an ounce) during the time she was gone, got that last ounce in the evening, and then, since she slept through the night last night, I was able to pump another bottle this morning. I'm happy for that bottle... I don't think she'll drink it while she's there today, so it should be there for her tomorrow, which is good because I definitely won't be able to pump a full day's worth in half a day, and they'll have to get some from her freezer stash. But this way, hopefully they'll only have to get one bottle, or maybe not even that if she sleeps through the night and I can pump in the morning again.

Well, I have to run... tons to get done today. Laundry, more clothes sorting, pumping, and more straightening up. I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow to let you know how my first day back is going.  ::gulp::

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