I'm proud to introduce my brand new nephew, Wyatt Cameron!!

We just got the news earlier today and are waiting for details... but I'm so excited for Trav's brother, Andy and his wife, Megan! Megan and I have been talking throughout her pregnancy, and I know she is so happy that he's here (especially since her due date was last Thursday!). We can't wait to meet him.

What else is new? We had a great weekend. Saturday was lazy...

There were some naps. And some relaxing together.

Which was good because Sunday, Gwen turned 3 months, and we had her pictures taken for the occasion.

Well, I took that one... but we had our photographer (same one who did the newborn shots) take some better ones! We did them at Ridley Creek State Park, where Ro & I walk, though in a different section. The ones she showed me on her camera looked awesome, so I can't wait to see them all.

Yesterday I had off of work, since Gwen & I both had doctor appointments (her in the morning for two vaccinations, me in the afternoon for my IUD post-insertion check), and since Trav was heading straight from work to the baseball game (Phillies vs. Pirates, Diamond Club seats for him and three guy friends, my birthday gift to him). We both did fine at our appointments, and Trav had an awesome time at the game. I also stopped by to see Willy and he couldn't get over how big Gwen is now. She was loving him too... smiling at him a ton. Oh! And the guy who did our sink stopped by in the morning to make one last adjustment. I'll have to take some pictures to show you they great finished product. All in all, it was a crazy day, but a good one.

Now I'm back to work, for my four-day week. And I have to boast about my boobs for a second... last week I was getting an average of 3oz each pumping session (for 3 sessions, if I did four, the last two I normally got a little less). Today I've pumped twice so far, and got 8.5oz so far! Yay boobs!! Lol. I can't help it, I'm proud of them.  ;-)

And on that note...

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