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This week was much more laid back then last week, and the week ahead should be pretty quiet as well. The one thing we are doing both weeks is chilling with these handsome dudes:

Friday we headed over to see the twins, and we're going to go over this week as well. We might possibly do some more chilling in the bumbo then...

It might not look like she thought much of it, but she did: 
So this week, ei-yi... Monday is one week until my girl has her first go at daycare (a half day), Tuesday is one week until our last day together before I head for my first day back to work on that Wednesday, which will also be her first full day of daycare.

One day this week I'll be running by the daycare with some supplies to drop off. Plus, I really just want to meet the teachers again and introduce them to Gwen. I'm hoping that it will help me feel better about going back. 

Of course Sunday is also my first Mother's Day, which is pretty cool. And Saturday my brother is coming down for a visit, also awesome.

What else did we do this past week? We practiced the bottle:

And got snuggly daddy time:
And outdoor time in the evenings, on our new outdoor furniture.
We slept well, especially Saturday night.... 9 until 5:30! Nice.
The reason we slept so well? We were very tired out from a trip down to Delaware to see Barb for her baby shower:

All that looking cute, and being passed around to all the different ladies wore her out!
Not to mention a trip that evening, with Ro & Pat & GG, to the local Rita's. Yum!

Today (Sunday) we went to Ridley Creek State Park... Gwen's first time, and my first time in ages. I think since last August? Or September? Either way, it was great to be there... even if it was super hot and muggy...

And Gwen didn't really want to be in her stroller at all...

But we had fun talking, and even ran into ReRe... Trav's coworker and our occasional dogsitter. She was there with Daisy's favorite sleepover pal, Snickers.

Snickers is a Big Boy!

Man, it really is hot though. It looks like we're going to have to put the A/Cs in because poor Gwen has been very uncomfortable (I hear her on that one!). We are actually going to talk to someone about getting a ceiling fan in our living room too, which I'm very excited about. Of course, who knows if it will be feasible pricewise, but my fingers are crossed.

Of course, what I really want is a house with central air!!

Anyway, time to go relax for a little before bed... but hope everyone had a great weekend. Keep cool!

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