warning: boob talk ahead

I decided to pick up this manual pump.

I have a Medela already, an electric, and like it... but I'll be keeping it at work when I go back. This one I can keep at home for a morning pump if I need one once Trav leaves with Gwen, or any other time I need some emergency relief. The pumping and getting enough for Gwen at daycare is one of my biggest going back to work worries... so I'll feel better having this and knowing I'm not going to miss a pumping opportunity because my electric is at work.
I would love any advice from those with success going back to work and still doing exclusively breast milk.

::end boob talk::

On a random... happy 5 years to Trav and I.
5 years of owning our house, that is!  ;-)  I can't believe we've been here so long already. Time sure does fly.


  1. ok since I am pretty much an exclusive pumper and have been for the whole time I have tons of things to say on this. My personal thought and what I did was to buy another electric pump. I know they are expensive but pumping is just not as efficant as nursing so it could be that you might need to pump more than you think. Do you have a freezer stash yet? Anyway I also find that when I pump at work I just don't get as much as when I pump at home. That said you may want also find that you want to pump at home on the weekends to build up a freezer stash so that you don't have to worry about supply as much. I have been able for the most part been able to only use bm. We do suplement with formula sometimes when I don't have enough though. I would say that she gets 90% bm. Pumping is hard and at work it is difficult to fit multiple pumping sessions in (but that may be different for you since I work in a school and it is different than an office job). Try not to stress too much and just do the best you can. If she gets some formula it is not the end of the world. Good Luck

  2. I don't know how much you like the electric pump but I have that manual one and I love it! If you like the electric pump than I am sure it will be a bit of a change. I bought a single electric pump and don't even use it anymore because I dislike it that seems slower to me than the manual. Good luck and keep up the awesome breastfeeding work!!

  3. hi meg - just wanted to warn you about something...sometimes when they get used to taking the bottle, they don't want to nurse anymore. that's what happened to me. we went on vacation when jonathan was 7m so he was obviously taking bottles, and when we got home, he didn't want to nurse anymore. it was really hard for me since i wasn't really ready to stop nursing. i'm not saying this will happen with gwen, but be prepared that it could happen.

    ps - i liked my manual pump way better then the electric one i had. i felt like i could get more milk out with it. i had a freezer stash like you wouldn't believe! my best pumping advice would be pump as soon as you get up (before the first feeding) and pump after her last feeding at night. when you're at work, pump whenever you would normally feed her.

  4. So I kind of understand after reading the comments... but with me not being a mom and not planning on it I'm a little lost. I guess you would need to pump at work just to keep the stash of bm? Wouldn't that be really difficult though? I would imagine it takes a little while to do it. Best of luck on it though sweety!

    Congrats on the 5 years!!!! thats amazing! :)


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