You know what is a great smell? That ionic smell of a thunderstorm arriving to break a heatwave.

That's the smell I got to fall asleep to last night, a very lovely end to a very good day. A very busy day too! Gwen and I went into the city... the first time I've been in since the beginning of February, and Gwen's first time, period. We took the 10:20 train, and she was good... she got hungry about 10 minutes in, but I just pulled out the nursing cover and fed her. Once we got in the city I headed to work, making to pit stops at two establishments I frequented to show them what became of my big belly! Then it was on to work to meet the coworkers. It was great to see everyone, and Gwen has some new admirers. :-)

I hung out their for a bit and said Hi to everyone, then Tally took Gwen and I to lunch. We went to a new sushi place (Zama, delicious!). Again... Gwen was a doll, only crying once because she was hungry. So out came the nursing cover! That puppy earned its keep in one day! The Mei Tai did too... I wore her to the restaurant, and for most of the rest of the day.

Then it was back to the office for some more canoodling, another feeding, before heading to meet Nick at Starbucks. I got to meet his girlfriend for the first time too... and adore her. By then it was already after 4, so I headed to the train, making one more pit stop at the hotel that we use for our biggest event every year. We've been using the same place for over 5 years, and are close with two of the people there who always run the events... so I wanted to introduce them to Gwen. It was really nice to see them. And Gwen got some more admirers. ;-) Lol.

After that it was to the train, where I fed her again, and then home.

And finally, in the evening, the heat broke! Today was a crisp, breezy 60* day. It was lovely, and I enjoyed not sweating! We joined Trav for lunch at his work, and hung out there so his coworkers could oogle Gwen for a bit. His "work girlfriend," ReRe, stole Gwen for a bit a walked her around to show her off. She did great too... only got fussy when she was hungry, then fell asleep at the end. I was so proud of how great she did with two big, busy days in a row.

This weekend should be fun, but interesting. Trav is heading to Lehigh very early tomorrow, and won't be back until Sunday late afternoon. This will be the first time I'm alone with Gwen over night. It will be fine, I'm sure... but a little hard to get up with the dog Sunday morning, and just weird to not have Trav there.
Some friends of mine (the ones with the twin boys) are stopping by to visit tomorrow though, which will be nice. And my mom is swinging down for a bit on Sunday. So I will get some adult interaction!!

Then next week Gwen will be 8 weeks old... and it will be only 4 weeks until I return to work! That's so damn close, I can't believe it. I'm realizing that I'm so not ready. A few weeks ago I thought I was, but I'm not. Hopefully I can't prepare myself in the next few weeks.

Well, I have pictures to share, but don't want to stay up right now to download them... so hopefully I'll get around to it this weekend. In the meantime, night night!!

Ps. Jan & Tally, now that I know you come here... feel free to post a comment!! :-)

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  1. I'm super glad we got that rain too. It seems a bit chilly now - but after sweating my toosh off for 2 days, I'm ok with that! I'm just super happy it's spring!!! :)

    I can't believe you go back to work in 4 weeks already!

    I'm sure you'll do fine tonight too :) Have a great and beautiful weekend.


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