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From Gwen and my walk on Earth Day... swinging makes us sleepy!

On an Earth Day related topic... Trav and I started composting.  :-)  I'm very excited, we've been meaning to for a while, and we finally found a place to do it. So we started off with some yard scraps from when Trav weeded out the front flower bed (it looks amazing, I'll take pictures when it stops raining), some flowers we had inside that were wilted, and some food scraps. Can't wait to see how it goes.

And one last picture that Trav snapped this morning of us sleeping. She's been waking to eat around 6am, then I sleep with her like this for the last hour or so.

(Don't worry, though the angle is weird, the blanket is well away from her face.) Otherwise she's in her crib or snuggle nest. She's actually been doing great with the crib. She goes down in there first, then I bring her to bed with us after her first wake (which has been around 2-3am lately).
I am going to miss this snuggle time in the morning when I go back to work.  :-(

Anyway, I have to get going... but I wanted to put it out there that I am looking for suggestions for my blog layout. I've been playing around with it lately, you've probably seen the new tabs up top. I'm trying to make it look cleaner and neater... but would love to hear your opinions/ideas.

And on that note, I'd also like to open things up to any questions that anyone has for me. I already got one questions I'll answer (what does breastfeeding feel like?), but thought I'd see if anyone had any questions for/about me, my fam, things I'm doing. Feel free to leave them anonymously if you want.

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