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Just a quicky, since Trav will be home any minute now... and we're going to grill up some burgers and dogs, and eat outside. We didn't get to do that last night, because it ended up raining, but the rest of yesterday was beautiful. Gwen and I took advantage and went to the local park so she could swing on her mama's lap for the first time. She loved it.

Today we had a doc appointment, and my poor girl had to get two injection vaccines, plus an oral vaccine. I felt so bad for her. (And we're doing delayed vaccinating... I can't imagine how she would feel if she had to get double the shots!) She's definitely cranky now, but she is allowed to have some baby ty.lenol, so hopefully that will help. She is also now 10 lbs!! I can't can't believe she's already gained 3 lbs! And she is 22.5".

The doc says she looks great. That's what I like to hear.

Tomorrow Gwen and I are heading up towards my parents for my first haircut in over 3 months... and some summery highlights! Can't wait!

Anyway, I have to run... but stay tuned for contest winners and pictures of my new hair, come Monday.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear she had to get shots, those are never fun no matter who you are!

    Absolutely LOVE the pics!!! She's getting so big :) Great to hear she's doing well and everything.


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