Picture catch up... Trav's amazing job on the front flower bed:

The random tulip a squirrel transplanted from our neighbors flowerbed into mine last year... I kid you not.

My pretty azalea.

A not great picture of my hair... the highlights are a light red. They are very subtle, but lighten up my whole color, and I love them.

Had to take a picture of the following two outfits (yesterday and today)... just too cute. I love the hooded top and striped shirt.

If you can't tell from her clothes, its been chilly lately... 60s and windy/overcast. But we braved it both Tuesday and today, because we just need to get out. Monday was pouring, so we hid inside... but yesterday we walked (well, I walked, she strollered) to the grocery store about a half mile away to grab milk, and today we hit up the babies'r'us. We picked up (among other things, including a huge box of diapers and wipes for daycare) another new bottle, with a smaller nipple to see if she takes that one better... we'll see. She's getting better, but still isn't great with the bottle. We'll keep practicing, once a day until we start daycare. Less then two weeks to go... I can't believe it.

We've also been reading a lot together... I'm reading her the Harry Potter books and we are almost done with the first one. I love these books anyway, but its even better sharing them with her. :-)

Well, I'm going to run since Trav will be home soon... ta-ta!

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  1. <3 the pics and the little transplant!! That's great!! :)
    I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away already!! That's great you've been reading to her :) I haven't even read those books yet, borrowed 1,2 & 4 from my sister months ago and I just haven't gotten there yet. Everytime I want to read it I'm too tired lol.
    Best of luck with the bottle!!


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