I finally got a chance to upload pictures from my camera, so I thought I would share some with you.

From last week:

Gwen sitting pretty.

Smiley girl in one of her summer dresses.

Visiting my work... and showing Gwen's favorite way to be held.

My coworker, Tally, holding Gwen.

Unfortunately I completely forgot to break out the camera other then those two shots... so I don't have everyone else holding her.

From this Weekend:

Gwen with her future suitors... 5-month old twins, Dom (r) and Stephen (l), with their daddy, Steve. Looks like Dom is already staking his claim! ;-)

The twin's mommy, Deb.

Napping on mama.

My baby showing off her single dimple... just like mommy's.

With her Nonnie, who stopped by yesterday.

My beautiful family!

From this morning:

Laying in my crib, watching my mobile 
(I do this every morning so mommy can use the bathroom and brush her teeth).

A closer look at my cute smock top.

Smiling and playing with mama.

Now, here we are at the beginning of another week. I'm a bit tired as Gwen hasn't been sleeping great during the day and has been waking more at night. She's a bit of a crank today too. Hopefully this is just a brief phase. She's been eating a lot also, which makes me wonder if maybe its a growth spurt. In any case, its not my favorite way to start the week... but I guess that's just a monday for ya.  :-)

Well, my little girl is waking up, so I'm going to grab her. Later!!


  1. She's beautiful and getting so big already! 7ish weeks is prime time for a growth spurt and is often a fussy/wakeful time for babies. It'll pass quickly, though, so hang in there! Gripe water helped us a bit.

  2. So glad everything's going well for the three of you! Great share with the pictures---lovely!

  3. I can't believe how big she's getting!! SO cute! I love the pic of her smiling like crazy at you! She definitely has your smile :)

    BTW I noticed in the pic with you 2 that I saw a little something on your leg... is that another tattie tat tat? :) Miss you love

  4. She is so beautiful! I love all the great pictures! We reached 30 weeks today I just can't believe in 2 1/2 months we will be welcoming our little girl into this world. I love that she is content in her crib in the morning her mobile looks like so much fun! Gwen is just so adorable!


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