LIFE - my first contest!

Tomorrow is Earth Day! I'm very exciting and look forward to doing something special with Gwen... maybe a trip to the nearby state park for a picnic and some fresh air. I think I'm also going to plant something in her honor.

So, to celebrate Gwen's first Earth Day, and reward you all for sticking around through my Earth Day extravaganza this week... I'm hosting my first contest ever!
I'm really excited for this contest, and for this great prize. I almost want to keep it for myself!   ;-)   One lucky winner will receive*:

Life, Disc 1

The earth is home to more than 30 million different animals and plants – every single one in its own fight for survival. From the makers of PLANET EARTH and narrated by global media leader and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, the epic television series LIFE is the definitive exploration of our planet’s living things and their spectacular, bizarre and fascinating behaviors.

More than four years in the making, with over 3,000 days of filming in the field by 70 camerapersons, LIFE spans every continent and every habitat. This episode will showcase the exhaustive and remarkable efforts by the LIFE filmmaking team to bring the breathtaking images of intimate animal and plant behavior to the screen. The latest in HD filmmaking techniques capture never-before-seen images while ensuring that natural behavior was not disturbed. Ingenious new cameras and filming platforms were invented for the series, including a “yogi cam,” which allowed a camera to track smoothly alongside migrating reindeer and elephants, and a “flying” camera that used intricate cable rigging to provide a “butterfly-eye” perspective of hundreds of thousands of Monarch butterflies in Mexico.

Click HERE for a complete description.

Enter to Win: Win this DVD by leaving a comment on this post telling me how you are celebrating Earth Day!

Optional Additional Entries for:
1 extra entry if you follow this blog or subscribe to this blog's feed.
1 extra entry if you blog about this contest and link back to it.

An email address is required to enter. Please leave it in your comment, or make sure one is visible for me to find in your blogger profile. If you qualify for additional entries please comment separately telling me which options you have used. A winner will be chosen via The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to reply before a new winner is chosen. This contest is open to 18 + USA only. Ends on 4/23/10 @ 11:59PM EST. Winner will be announced the 25th or 26th, after the winner is confirmed.

Additional Details:
Format: DVD
Number of Discs: 1
Run Time: 2 hours 9 minutes
Language: English

The Fine Print: Discovery Channel has no idea who I am. They are not sponsoring this contest. This is all me, because I love you!

Ironically enough, PECO will be helping me get a little greener today. They are coming out to my house to do an energy audit... it helps them to report on how accurate their meters are recording, and it helps us to see where we can be saving energy. I'm very excited! Maybe a little too excited... we'll see how it actually goes. ;-)

* This is a pre-order, the DVD doesn't come out until the 1st of June... so the winner will receive their prize by mid-June.


  1. Firstly, I have to say I watched Life on tv and it's a great program!

    What I have planned to celebrate Earth Day this year is: We're headed out to Home Depot shortly to get some planters, soil and seeds. I'm completely psyched about growing my own veggies!! Also maybe a flower if I'm lucky :)

    About the PECO thing, I would be super excited too!! Maybe we're just 'green' heads or something but I always get excited about saving a bit here and there :) Good luck! I hope it goes well :) Wish me luck on my veggie growing too!!

  2. i never really have known anything about earth day i guess. well i mean i've never done anything. i may just walk on that day depending on the weather if its nice or not.

  3. I will not print anything out tomorrow on my printer. I will also email out to my department to do the same. Just ask Travis how hard it is for accounts not to print anything for a day! This will be the first time I actively do something on earth day. Thanks for the motivation!

  4. We are going to have a picnic at a neighborhood park...We are also going to plant the tree that Brenna brought home from preschool and her pea plant that has been growing like crazy in our kitchen.

  5. ahhh, I really cannot wait to see this!

    We're planting a few things. I know, lame & stereotypical, but the weather is GORGEOUS & I am excited to get outside tonight.

  6. I'm stuck at work but this weekend, I plan on getting outside and finally getting my vegetable garden planted. I can't wait to have fresh veggies that are homegrown!


    (I found your blog through Blair's)

  7. Thanks for popping by again today and mention this great giveaway! Looks like a wonderful program.

    I've spent my Earth Day outside as much as possible. Walked the kids home from school, grilling dinner tonight, and enjoying some beautiful green roses that arrived for an upcoming review.

    Happy Earth Day to you too!