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And Twins Make 5 (who I found thru the UBP), is hosting a great, environmentally friendly contest sponsored by Seventh Generation. You can win some great, natural cleaning products.

Click the image above to find out how to enter.

I'm a big fan of Seventh Generation myself... I love their inspiration:

It means even more to me now that Gwen is here. I definitely think about what kind of world I'm creating for her, and her kids. I think their diapers are also my favorite size 1s so far! Lol.

So head on over and enter to win!

On a non-Earth Day related note, the IUD insertion went great yesterday. There were a few things I was worried about: 1) Gwen crying the whole time since I couldn't hold her while it was happening, 2) a lot of pain and not feeling well afterward, 3) the actual insertion itself. Well, my worries were for not. It was a breeze compared to last time, cramping during, but nothing like last time... and it was gone by the time I finished there and was driving away. As for Gwen, she was a rock star and relaxed on her changing mat the whole time, while I dangled her favorite jangling dog above her. That's my girl.

Another awesome moment... sleeping thru the night! My babe slept from 9:15pm to 6am!! In her crib! That's my big girl.  :-)

Today we have a lazy day at home, which is nice. I'm going to enjoy every last one of these that I have left... 3 weeks to go.

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  1. I like seventh generation too - but they're so much more than other stuff. I've been using natures source cleaning products - they work and smell GREAT! They're a little cheaper too (but I'm cheap lol). That's a great contest though :)

    Great to hear the IUD went well! I've been thinking about something like that, but I honestly don't think it would be a good idea for me. Then again that's something I'll be talking with my dr when I see her.

    Happy (almost) earth day!!! :)


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