First, the guy came and did our ceiling fan! Yay! I didn't realize until just now, that I don't have any good before pictures... but you can get the general idea from these:

And here is the after:
Yay! I love it!
Hopefully he'll be coming by early next week to do the sink (before my return to work), but we'll see about schedules.

Gwen was fussy two evenings ago, and I had been trying to sooth her to sleep for hours. I thought I finally got her down, and headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Well, she woke up. Without me asking, Trav scooped her up and walked the hall with her for a bit to sooth her again... major brownie points for him!  :-) 

Yesterday was our date with Deb and the boys... it was great. I'm sorry that we just started doing this last week, and I'm sorry I go back next week, because I would have love to make this a weekly thing. Both days I ended up not leaving until after 5, because we are having so much fun chatting. It was a gorgeous day too, so we headed outside:

I love this pic because I can't get over the size difference between Gwen and Stephen (the boys are 6 months):

Deb has the twin feeding thing down pat:

The beautiful view looking up:

And all the outdoor fun made Gwen and Dom tired:

It was a great day!
And to top it off, Gwen slept 845pm - 640am! Amazing.

So, today will be a busy day... first Gwen and I are running to her daycare to drop off the big box of diapers and wipes that you see in the above picture; as well as some crib sheets, changes of clothes, etc. Then we're going to meet Trav for lunch. After that we're heading up to my parent's to spend the night there, before driving up for my Grandpa's service on Saturday morning. It will save us some time in the morning, and keep Gwen from having to be in the car quite so much in one day.

Trav isn't coming because unfortunately his Great Aunt Mary, Willy's sister, passed on Tuesday; her service is Saturday as well, so he'll be heading to that. He was very torn, but I understood that he really wanted to be there for Willy. Obviously he wants to be there for me too, but I will be surrounded by my family, and told him to go to Mary's.

That's all I've got for you right now, but to end on a nicer note... three pics of my baby sleeping, just because I think its the cutest thing!  :-)

Have a great weekend.

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