I brought this:

And these were given to me by two coworkers (not pictured... the cookie cake!):

So my desk looks like this:

Not a bad way to come back to work.

Things haven't been too bad. I teared up this morning watching Trav and Gwen drive away, and I cried when he called to ask how I was, and I miss my girl, of course... but I've managed to stay busy so the day has gone by pretty quickly. Of course, I have about an hour left, and I bet you anything its going to drag.

Pumping has been okay. I've done it three times, got a full bottle the first two, and half a bottle the third (my timing was off since I had to work around a conference call, but I'm going to do it again soon and hope to get at least the rest of that bottle if not more). That definitely leaves her pulling from the stash too much, so I'm going to just keep working to get more each time... and I'll probably try to pump more tonight. I've also been pumping some in the morning between feeding her. So we'll see. Cross your fingers for me.


Okay, I'm home now... never got to publish this, but I'll finish it off now.
In the end I did get 3 - 3 oz bottles and one with just under 2 oz. So about an ounce less then what she drank at daycare today. Not bad for my first day.

Gwen did great at daycare again, and I was greeted with a smile when I got home. It was the best feeling in the world. I think we might just be able to do this!! 

So after day one...

Pros to being back to work:
  • I get to shower in the morning, every morning! (I started showering at night because of morning sickness about 9-10 months ago, and continued it when Gwen arrived since it was just easier... but now I get to shower in the a.m. again and it feels great!)
  • I get to talk to/catch up with my great coworkers again. 
  • My evenings with the babe are just that much sweeter, and we are both just so happy to see each other. 

  • Lord in heaven, I miss you Gwenie! 
  • 6 a.m. 
  • Work. Lol. 

Like I said, I think we can do this.

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  1. drink TONS of water to help with the pumping! no liquid in, will be no liquid out! good luck!


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