crazy days

Enjoyed my day home snuggling with my baby... though it was definitely tiring, seeing as she napped a grand total of 30 minutes all day! She's in bed now and I hope she sleeps well because she needs it (as do I!). Took her into the doc today. Its a throat infection, a virus, so no antibiotics... just TLC, treat the cold symptoms, and a little bit of Children's Benadryl before bed to help break up the stuff that makes it hard for her to breath at night.

Also, she's whopping 15 lbs 9 oz this month! Over a pound up from last month. 

Trav's doc appointment went okay as well. It is broken, but now it's been set and casted. He goes back in 3-4 weeks to see if they can remove the cast. He's definitely sore, but its manageable.

Tomorrow my brother comes up from DC, and I'm driving him halfway to my parent's... where we'll meet my dad for lunch. Its "pass the parcel" with a live package! It will be fun.
Then we're at Thanksgiving already. I can't believe it. We're heading to my parent's place, just for the day.

All in all, much better day then yesterday. And 5 days ahead to recover.

What are your holiday plans?

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  1. I hope everyone is getting some sleep right at this moment! So sorry about Trav's hand, ouch! I am excited for Thanksgiving too. I just finished making pie crust and am looking forward to a special day with my girls. Enjoy your holiday, can't wait to see pics :-)


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