a day

Almost 8 and I'm sitting here waiting for Travis to get home. He's at the ER seeing if his hand is broken... long story, one I don't want to share right now. 

Babe came home sick today with a fever, so my already short week got VERY short (Trav brought her home today, I'm home with her tomorrow, already had the rest of the week off). She has a doctor appointment Wednesday morning, her normal 9 month appt... hopefully she'll be feeling better then. She's been fighting a cold and not sleeping well because of it for days. Hopefully this is it coming to a head before going away.

Don't have much else to share right now. It was a long day anyway thanks to a work event... and it was made longer still by my tummy being tight thinking about my sick and injured lovelies. Hopefully things look up tomorrow. For now I'm going to go read a book and drink some hot tea and just try to relax.


  1. Yikes! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  2. I hope Travis is okay and Gwen is feeling much better soon. I'm sorry you are having a rough week. I hope everything settles down in time for turkey day.

  3. Eek! Hope they both feel better soon.


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