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The next few weekends (and weeks) are full up. It's all pretty fun, exciting stuff (Locks of Love, 9 month pictures, biggest work event of the year, Lehigh Lafayette, Harry Potter movie date, and Thanksgiving of course)... but its just a lot of stuff. I actually wrote in big letters in my day planner NO PLANS! right across the weekend following Thanksgiving. I think we'll all be ready for a lazy weekend at home by then, and I'll definitely be ready for some time with just my husband and babe.

This past weekend was no exception to that pattern of busyness. My best girl, Babs, came down on Friday evening and stayed until after dinner last night. It was wonderful to get to spend so much time with her... and I loved watching her and Gwen interact.

Saturday we all hopped in the car and headed to a local restaurant for the 1st birthday party of Gwen's boyfriends, the twins (Dom and Stephen). I can't believe those little cuties are one already... and boy does it push home the fact that Gwen's first birthday will be here before we know it.

It was a lot of fun though... incredible food, and always great to see those boys and their wonderful parents. We didn't get many pictures... but Trav snapped this one:

Those boys were sweet, and couldn't get over "how small that baby is."

That night, my crafty Babs whipped up a special project... matching scarves for Gwen and I! This is mine:

And Gwenie's is the same, but smaller.  :-) 

Sunday two other girlfriends joined us for a big late lunch at my place. Cas and Sebz were the other two ladies that rounded out (the female portion of) our group of best girls in high school. Now we have three other girls in the mix:

(The third is sleeping snuggled under that pink blanket!)
It was great to see everyone and play catch up. Its been too long. 

After everyone else took off, I got an exhausted Gwen to take a nap (she wouldn't with everything else going on... even when we stole away upstairs, she just wanted to be with all the people!), and we took care of the rest of our night routine. Babs left around 9 to head back to her parents... I didn't even have to be sad, since she's returning in about a month to visit for Christmas. I can't remember the last time I got to see her three months in a row... so this is definitely something special.

Also special... that daylight savings time didn't mess with Gwen's schedule too much! No 4 o'clock awake for the day, thankfully! Sleep wasn't bad this weekend. It was a little worse last night, but I think that was because of the messed up napping during the day. Hopefully tonight will be a good one. But before I get to the sleep part, I have to get through the work part. For the first time since maternity leave I have one of my events that I have to stay extra late for. This will be Trav's first night doing the whole evening alone. I'm 100% sure that all will be fine, and I think its good for them to have extra time together. But I'll be happier tomorrow when I get my evenings back.

Now, to get back to work and get this evening over with! Luckily I'm energized and ready to tackle this week, thanks to my amazingly full and wonderful weekend. Hope yours was full too!

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