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Blurbs, since I wrote a novel yesterday, and since I'm home today suffering the effects of another bout of mastitis (yuck):
  • Did you vote yesterday? I forgot to remind, but I hope you did!! Its so important to get your voice heard. And obviously its all water under the bridge now, but I hope that you voted with a clear head and a mind to the facts... going by what you believe instead of by what is in the TV ads, since both sides resort to such petty fear-mongering. Its pretty disgusting sometimes, the way that adults can act! Anyway, I hope you voted. (I did!)
  • Amber bling:

  • Sleep last night was not great. Gwen woke at 8:30, 11:30, 2:30, and then came to our bed at 5:30. That would have been bad enough, but because of how badly I was feeling with the mastitis, I couldn't fall back asleep between 2:30 and almost 4, then woke up at 5. Thankfully I was able to get back to sleep after Gwen and Trav left today, from 7:30 until 10:15. 
  • Apoc is (probably) coming for dinner tonight! (Hopefully I'll be feeling better by then and won't have to cancel on him!) Can't wait to see him. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to share of giant Apoc, with my teeny baby. I'm sure it will look a little different then last time:

And I guess that is all I have for now! Hopefully I'll be back up to snuff by days end.

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  1. I am a follower now and yes, I voted! I hope you all get some sleep tonight.


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