First, I'm going to start with a semi-lame request. Then I'll reward you with pictures. Okay?

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How could you say No to this face?!

So, my little skeleton. I'll admit that I was super jealous of Trav on Friday. His work has a annual Halloween parade, where all the kids come into work and march around the office to show off their costumes, and his coworkers all hand out candy. Since Gwen's daycare is 5 minutes away, it was super easy for him to pop down there and grab her so she could parade around and win everyone over with her cuteness.

There were other amazingly cute babies there too...
this one is brand new:

This is "little" Dom, who goes to daycare with Gwen:

Little Dom is not so little actually!

Saturday we went to visit another not-so-little baby. This is V, who is 4.5 months old... and half a pound bigger then Gwen!!

I had fun snuggling her babyness... though it was funny since she felt so heavy compared to my tiny bean.

We got a few mama and baby shots. Gwen was fascinated with V.

GG modeled her piggy costume for us then.

Sunday we were pretty lazy. We hit up the store, but mostly just hung out at home until it was time to put on Gwen's costume to go "trick-or-treating" at the neighbors. Really, I just walked her to the neighbors on either side to say hi and show her off.

As an aside, here's a picture I took of her in her swing... she's almost too big for it! Another thing we'll have to pack away soon.

And here is my little peapod!

Excuse the face, she was a bit tired at that point... just ready to eat dinner and go to bed. And I don't know what my face was doing, so excuse that too!!

And speaking of tired... I have a big post in the works all about sleep! I promise I'll have more "real" posts for you this week. But for now, I'm back to work.

Happy Monday!

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