post where-in I freak the F out!

Jan isn't coming back, no matter what happens with her mom, until at least the end of the year. At least.

::cue freak out::

Jan does so much. And she means so much, to me and all my coworkers. I just can't imagine her not being here, long-term. Its hard enough trying to wrap my head around her gone for a week or so, let alone the rest of the year, and beyond.

Not to mention, it means a steep learning curve on a lot of things that she normally does... which can be left for a little while, but not for the long-term. I'm not the only one picking up the slack, but I'm super nervous about the new stuff I will have to do. And frankly, if she does decide not to come back, I'm concerned that they will decide not to hire someone new in her stead. Money is tight (here and everywhere), and sometimes it seems that thriftiness outweighs other considerations. I can't do it. I can't do all of my stuff, plus most of hers... and I know that's what will end up being the case.

My heart breaks for Jan and everything she's going through... but I really, really hope that come the end of the year, she decides that she misses work. I really hope she comes back to us. For now though, I panic.


On a completely unrelated note:
This past weekend Brandy, the photographer, lent me her double pump (as she's done with it for the foreseeable future). Holy hell, what a difference. My pumping time is so much faster now! Thanks goodness too, considering the above. I can relax more too, and my supply seems to have recovered.

Who would have thought, all those years ago when I picked my wedding photographer, what a great thing it would turn into?!  :-)


Weekend ahead and I'm so ready for it. Happier posts to come, I'm sure.

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  1. I'm so sorry you are having to worry and stress so much, especially with the holidays creeping up on us. I do hope they get you some help and that she does return soon. I know you will do a great job filling in while you wait. I hope a huge raise/bonus is on its way to you as well. hang in there!


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