AZ... hot, fun, relaxing.
We went swimming everyday, and I went shopping with his mom twice. We went out to eat one night, and for lunch one day; otherwise we just cooked at my In-Laws. Gwen went for rides in the wagon, and helped walk the ILs two tiny dogs. It was fun and relaxing.

Some pictures:

She LOVED jumping into the pool.

Her Uncles Bob and David. She really like meeting them!

Her Nana and Pop-Pop, whom she's been asking for multiple times since we left.

The plane flights were... LONG. Honestly, she did so well on the first one. But it was just a really long long time to be sitting around in mama's lap. I think she'd do better next time with her own seat, so she can dart back and forth along an aisle. But she did well.

We're all still a little jet-lagged, and still adjusting to East Coast time, but we're getting there!

Boy am I happy to be home in my own bed though. And for this 66* weather today too!! I don't know how anyone gets used to that heat.

Well, many things to get done at work... so off I go.

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