Its in the low 80s today... but by Friday, mid-60s!! We have a picnic/BBQ baby shower to go to this weekend, and its going to be so lovely and fall-like.

Other lovely, fall-like things...


Gwen attended her first college football game on Saturday! The first of a 3-game pack that we bought. It was a good introduction because it wasn't a super crowded game, or a too competitive game!

We attended a school sponsored tailgates beforehand, where we ran into my friend Stella, whom I hadn't seen it ages! It was nice to catch up a bit.

We also ended up with two extra tickets, so we gave my parents a call.

My dad wasn't feel well, but my mom came by which was great. Gwen loved playing with her Nonnie, and climbing all over the bleachers.

Unfortunately she ended up taking a tumble on them and got a bump on her forehead...

But that didn't ruin her day!!

Sunday was more low-key... we relaxed at home and tried to get some cleaning and organizing done.

Trav had put up the blinds, so I finished putting upthe curtains in the living room: 

and dining room:

(colors are a little off... the curtains are the same color as the ones in the living room)
We're really pleased with how they turned out.

I also recycled some old walkmans at the local Best Buy, donated some old glasses, and picked up some craft stuff from Mich.ael's, so I could make this for our front door:

(its not really this shiny...)

I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

So much left to do around the house, but we're getting there! Another free day on Saturday, so hopefully we can get a ton more done. 

For now though... super busy at work, so I'm back to it.


  1. Whoa....walkmans...80's flashback!

  2. I know Jen, right?! I saw them and did a double-take! Its like, why the hell am I still carting these around? Am I ever going to bust out a walkman?! LOL.


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