iPhone photo dump!

Work is hectic... so, some photos from the past few weeks:

Kilts - Gwen's in front, mine in back - for the Celtic Classic on the 24th.

Coming home finally.

Fun with Histomatic.

Who wakes up with bruises like this and has no idea where they came from?! (Oh right, me.)

Beautiful skies in AZ.

Sitting on her Uncle David.

With Willy, my IL's one pup.

Being silly with Pop-Pop.

Frank Lloyd Wright monument.

Scenes from AZ.

Quack, quack! Ready for Halloween!

Raining, raining, raining here. We're doing fine with it... but hope everyone else is weathering the storm okay.


  1. Oh, come on! You can't post a picture of that adorable little kilt without one of Gwen modeling it! :-)

  2. Celtic Classic in 2 weeks! We're all wearing them, and I'll definitely get a picture. :-)


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