weekend revive

Travis had a baseball game to attend on Friday with work. So it was just the babe, the pup, and I on Friday night. It was actually wonderful. We ate leftover, so dinner was quick and easy; then we relaxed and played, and I was able to start the bedtime routine a little early, and Gwen was asleep by 8:10. It was such a beautiful, autumn night that I couldn't not take advantage. I pulled one our outdoor chairs from the back yard, plopped it on the front porch, and made myself cozy with a glass of wine and the puppy. Ahh... cool, quiet evenings are such balm. Especially when they are much needed ME time.

Saturday I got up with the babe, tied her up on my back, and we set to work making some french toast for breakfast. Eggs, a touch of milk, a splash of vanilla, two sprinkles of cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, and a pinch of ground clove... dip, dip, dip; into the pan, golden and delish on one side, golden and delish on the other. Plain, cut in strips for the babe; drizzle of real maple syrup for me. Mmmmm....

The whole day was low-key. We played, we relaxed, I sorted clothes and made really good headway in our room while the babe napped. Trav hung the rest of the blinds. We had to make a stop at Target, so we ran there in the late afternoon, before going to the Old Country Buffet for dinner. Now, I know, I know... OCB is no fancy, elegant meal. Maybe the food isn't exactly gourmet or low-fat. But let me tell you, no exaggeration, that was the single most relax meal out that we have had with Gwen ever. No wait for food. People getting up and down provided nice distractions for her. Great variety so that we could all have what we wanted, as much as we wanted. It was really, really nice.

Sunday we had a baby shower to go to in the afternoon... but it was picnic style, outside at Ridley Creek State Park (love that place). So that morning was relaxed as well. After lunch, we headed over. The mama-to-be is family, so we visited with Trav's relatives, and Gwen got to play on the swings and slide that were right next to the pavilion where everything was set up.

Gwen also enjoyed getting into my slice of cake.

The company was good, the weather was beautiful, and we were able to pass on a lot of Gwen's old clothes to someone who will get good use out of them. Good for her, good for us!

Gwen fell asleep in the car on the way home, and I let her keep sleeping there for a bit once we got home, while Trav went inside to start dinner. It was a peaceful end to a really nice day.

This weekend was just what I needed. Just what Trav and I needed. Hopefully this relaxed and happy, better communicating vibe sticks around!

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