signs you're not in kansas anymore...

(or PA)

  1. The unheated pool is a balmy 92* during the day... and feels fantastically cool when you get in!
  2. The same pool drops down to a cool 88* in the wee hours of the morning.
  3. You get emails from your friends sent at "3 am". I have some night owl friends... but that's unusual!
  4. I can see for miles and miles and miles, down to Camelback Mountain (a big mountain!)... unless a large cactus is blocking my view!
  5. Good blinds are a necessity, not a luxury. And your A/C is put to the test getting your house down to a livable 80*.
  6. There's not a Walnut, Maple, or Chestnut Street to be found... but plenty of Cactus, Scottsdale, or Carmel del Rio Avenues!
  7. You're still in August, but your blog post reads September!  :-)

Can't believe that tomorrow is our last full day here! Its been great, but I'm excited to get home.

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