I had to "hide" Gwen's hoodies in her closet upstairs the other day, since she keeps wanting to wear them as her jacket... and they just aren't warm enough anymore!! November was so mild, but it looks like the cold has finally arrived with December. (By the by, DECEMBER?! What, really?!)

Lucky for me, I worked from home Friday and didn't need to leave the warmth of our house. Same goes for Saturday, since plans changed and my cousins all came to me!

Hello cousins!
My Gram has been very tired lately, and meeting up at her place was not the best idea. So they stopped by her place, ever so briefly, then came down to see us. It was great.

Gwen had fun meeting everyone too.

Sunday we did leave the house briefly to run over and see Willy, but otherwise we just relaxed at home and put up the Christmas decorations. Gwen's face when she came down from nap, to see the Christmas tree all aglow, it was perfect.

Other news:
- while at Willy's, Gwen peed on the potty for the first time! Indifferent  She's been showing some interest, but we'd only sat her on the potty probably twice before. Apparently third times the charm!   ::gulp::  I ordered a special toilet seat that has a regular adult seat, but also a child sized seat you can put down as well. I also ordered a few pairs of trainer pants. This is just the beginning, and I'm not sure if they do potty training in her class at daycare (or if we have to wait for the next class up), but we'll see where this goes!

- Cooked some yummy, lighter meals recently. With the holidays just past, and the holidays fast approaching, I thought we could use some lighter, but still filling fare. Friday I made a coconut crusted mahi-mahi with a ginger lemon butter sauce:

Not to toot my own horn, but it turned out amazing! The combo of the ginger and lemon in the sauce with the coconut of the crust was so lovely. And the fish itself turned out great. Even Trav, who's not a fish person, was impressed.

Sunday Gwen helped me roast some potatoes for the Spinach, Roasted Potato, and Shaved Parmesan salad we love so much. She passed me potatoes, sprinkled rosemary and salt, and helped me toss the potatoes to coat them with olive oil. It was a lot of fun for both of us! I can't wait to see how she enjoys baking cookies with Ro in a few weeks.

It was a really lovely, relaxing weekend... that was still very productive. Decorations are up, cards are mailed, laundry was put away, good food was cooked, house was cleaned, and lots of time was spent with family.

Less then 3 weeks to go until Christmas... can you believe it?!

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