rambling thoughts

Counting down the minutes until I get to leave (45). I cannot wait for our four-day weekend. We have nothing planned for tomorrow or Monday, which is wonderful. I need destress time with my loves.

Waiting for a call back from the talented tattoo lady who did my back, about an appointment for the end of February. Money is already set aside and I'll probably be getting two smaller pieces that I've been thinking about. It makes me feel like I'm finding my way back to me.

Gwen got a baby doll as an early Christmas gift from her best friend Dominic.

We're calling her Lily and she's quite the hit.

I like that she received a baby doll, and that she will be receiving (from us, on Christmas) a wooden tool bench. I want my girl to always feel free to play with whatever she likes.

We're on a break from potty training for now. After going on the potty everyday for a bit, Gwen has now decided that she does NOT want to sit on the potty. That's fine, we'll keep offering and start again when she's ready.

Okay, back to work for me. Enjoy your weekends and holidays!

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