it goes so fast

Only a little bit over 2 months until my baby turns 2. Part of me can't believe it, but then I see some of the new things she's doing lately and she seems so grown up.

- She now says Thank You at appropriate times without any prompting. Its not 100%, but most of the time if she asks for something and you give it to her, she says Thank You!

- We recently abandoned the tray of her high chair and have just being using the seat as a booster pushed up to the table. She loves it!

- Um, I believe I mentioned that whole peeing in the potty thing! Wowza.

- She loves to help me cook or clean! The other day I would sweep a section of floor, then she would hold the dust pan for me to sweep the dirt into and empty the dust pan into the trash. She also helped me season and mix potatoes for roasting. I love it.

I can't wait what new things she discovers next!

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